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State-of-the-art of analytical methods for reliable detection of micro- and nanoplastics workshop

EC JRC Workshop on State-of-the-art of analytical methods for reliable detection of micro- and nanoplatics, 13-14 May 2019, Ispra (VA, Italy)
May 13 2019
May 14 2019
EC JRC, Ispra (VA)

Microplastics (MPs) and possibly also nanoplastics (NPs) are widely diffused throughout the environment and concerns are growing that they may present a potential risk to the environment and human health via contamination of water, food, and air. There is a growing need for scientists and legislators to better understand this issue and in particular to have access to reliable information on the sources, presence, nature, and distribution of micro- and nanoplastic in different media and their potential effects. Unfortunately, the development of this knowledge base is being hindered, among others, by the absence of harmonized sampling/analytical procedures as well as a lack of quality assurance tools such as reference materials.

In order to close knowledge gaps, the EC JRC plans a series of workshops which will bring together regulators and experts in the field of microplastics with the aim of defining priority areas and the most effective ways to tackle them.

This first workshop will bring together experts in the analysis and detection of micro- and nanoplastics. Available methodologies will be critically reviewed. Emphasis will be placed on defining practical actions to improve data quality and inter-comparability by promoting harmonisation and future method development. A first focus will be on the matrix water: surface water representing seas, tap water, and bottled water. As stakeholder networking is essential, the way forward for best expert collaboration will be discussed as well.

This workshop aims to provide horizontal support to EU policies by promoting the development and harmonisation of analytical methods for the measurement of micro- and nanoplastics, which could be used in different legal frameworks.

Participation is upon invitation.
Are you an expert in the field? Would you like to contribute with your knowledge and experience?
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