EU Science Hub

Modelling Impacts of National Policies on Kenyan Economy

Apr 28 2016

Workshop jointly organised by the JRC (Seville site, Spain), LEI-WUR and Alterra-WUR (Netherlands); with support from The EU Commission's Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development.







Welcome by Klaus Gautsch (EU Delegation to Kenya)

Introduction to the workshop

Dr. Emanuele Ferrari (JRC IPTS)


Session 1. Setting the scene

Kenya political and economic context

Miriam Omolo (Institute of Economic Affairs)

Overview on agricultural strategies and policies

Ann Onyango (State Department of Agriculture)

Performance of Kenyan agriculture from macro-economic perspective

Prof. Willis Kosura (Nairobi University)

Micro-economic issues in Kenyan agriculture (input use and productivity)

Mary Mathenge (Tegemeo Institute)








Session 2. Structure of the Kenyan economy

Kenya social accounting matrix

Dr. Alfredo Mainar-Causapé (JRC IPTS)

Current statistical work and refection on data

James Gatungu (Kenya Bureau of Statistics)


Session 3. First results

Input use (seeds, fertilizer)

Dr. Emanuele Ferrari (JRC IPTS)

Reflections by Angela Wokabi (State Department of Livestock)

Infrastructure (roads, irrigation)

Dr. Emanuele Ferrari (JRC IPTS)

Reflections by Sunya Orre (National Drought Management Authority)








Session 4. Round table - Reflections and the way forward

Reflections on the modelling from Steven Karingi (UNECA) and Karl Pauw (FAO MAFAP)

Reflections on the Kenyan context from Elizabeth Mueni (OXFAM) and Alexander Albertine (USAID)


All sessions moderated by Dr. Marijke Kuiper (LEI Wageningen UR)


Pre-event seminar on modelling for policy analysis

Nairobi, Wednesday April 27, 2016

Venue: Tegemeo Institue
Organisers: JRC (Seville, Spain) and Tegemeo Institute (Nairobi, Kenya)