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Open Data and Spatial Data Infrastructures in Central and Eastern Europe

Enlargement and Integration workshop
Nov 03 2014
Nov 06 2014

Enlargement and Integration Workshop on Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) and Open Data in Central and Eastern Europe.

Belgrade, 04 November

The workshop took place in Belgrade on 04 November and was co-organised by the JRC, the Republic Geodetic Authority of Serbia, the World Bank, and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The workshop was the central event of a three-day programme dedicated to topics including many aspects related to the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive, as well as the macro-regional data infrastructure which is being established through JRC-led Danube Reference Data and Services Infrastructure (DRDSI) project.

The event brought together leading experts in both open data and spatial data infrastructures from across Europe to discuss potential synergies and to find the means to establish joint activities through projects.

The morning session presented good practices from the Danube region and beyond, ranging from regional to national and international scales. The afternoon session was interactive and went into further detail on possible pilots that would aim to bring together data users and providers, helping to unlock and better utilise data in the region.


Agenda and presentations


Chair: Rumyana Tonchovska (FAO, Italy) and Jean Dusart (European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Italy)

  • Welcome address
    (Zoran Krejovic, RGA General Director, Serbia)
  • Overview of Workshop objectives and 'tour de table'
    (Rumyana Tonchovska, Jean Dusart)
  • European context: EC Legislation
    (Robin S. Smith, EC JRC)
  • Data-related developments in Ukraine
    (Alla Kovalova [Land Cadastre Centre, Ukraine])
  • International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River
    (Dragana Ninkovic [JAROSLAV CERNI Institute, Serbia], Zoran Major [ICPDR, Austria])


Good practices and challenges from across Europe (Chair: Jean Dusart, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Italy)


Serbian experiences in data sharing (on international, national and regional levels)


World Bank and FAO support to SDI and Open Data in Central and Eastern Europe (Chair: Rumyana Tonchovska (FAO))


Roundtable and conclusions (Chair: Alessandro Annoni, European Commission, JRC, Italy)

  • Roundtable on pilots and synergies (all)
  • Wrap-up of the day and conclusions



Workshop participants


Date, place & duration:

3-5 November 2014, Belgrade, Serbia - Duration: 3 days