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Moving on From Experimental Approaches to Advancing National Systems for Measuring and Monitoring Forest Degradation Across Asia

Jun 16 2015
Jun 18 2015

A LEDS Global Partnership Regional Workshop hosted by the AFOLU Working Group

As part of the Lower Emissions Development Strategies (LEDS) Global Partnership, the JRC is co-organising a workshop on approaches to measuring and monitoring forest degradation across Asia, which will be held in Bangkok (Thailand) on 16-18 June 2015. The other organisers include USAID Lowering Emissions in Asia’s Forests (USAID LEAF), the United States Forest Service International Program (USFS IP), the United States Government SilvaCarbon Program, UN-REDD Program (Asia-Pacific), and the USAID SERVIR Program.

The workshop is designed to build a common regional understanding of the rationale for measuring and monitoring forest degradation in the context of climate change mitigation, and provide a platform for national policy makers and technicians and international researchers to share information on methodologies and approaches for measuring and monitoring forest degradation. It will focus on the key questions of why and how forest degradation can be measured, and what needs to be done to overcome the barriers and limitations. These questions will be explored in the context of developing cost-effective national systems for measuring and monitoring forest degradation.

The workshop will produce three documents – a synthesis paper for national land-use decision makers, a strategy paper for national policy leaders and the donor community, and a guidance document targeting national technicians.

Participants will represent 14 countries from across South and Southeast Asia.


JRC scientists Hans-J├╝rgen Stibig and Andreas Langner will actively participate in the workshop, including a presentation of the ReCaREDD (Capacity Building for Improving the Assessment of Forest Degradation) project.


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