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Modern Spectrum Management - Experience with License Shared Access

Feb 15 2016
Feb 17 2016

The radio spectrum policy programme is a cornerstone for Digital Europe – to promote innovation, growth and competitiveness by creating a Digital Single Market in the EU.

With the growing demand for broadband wireless services today and for the development of 5G technologies for the societal needs beyond 2020, new policy orientations and innovative approaches are needed to spectrum management and its efficient use.

The focus of the workshop will be on the regulatory perspective and practical experience on novel spectrum sharing methodologies aimed at facilitating more spectrum for wireless broadband in Europe. To this end, License Shared Access (LSA methodology, currently being piloted in Rome through the joint project of JRC and the Italian spectrum regulator), will be explored in detail. The delegates will receive exposure to the LSA process, including a chance to see field tests and measurements.


This workshop has the following objectives:

  1)    To discuss policy background and core concepts of spectrum sharing in the context of modern spectrum management in the EU;

  2)    To review essential technologies for modern radio spectrum management, facusing on spectrum sharing

  3)    To review current trends and challenges for a spectrum sharing framework

  4)    To provide hands-on training on the License Shared Access methodology.


This event is organised in the framework of the JRC Enlargement & Integration Action.