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Metrology for decommissioning nuclear facilities: 2nd Workshop organised in the framework of the MetroDecom project

Oct 11 2016
Oct 12 2016

Nuclear decommissioning is an integral part of the life cycle of nuclear power plants, and a crucial factor in public acceptance of nuclear power generation.
The end of the operational life of the first generation of nuclear power plants must be succeeded by an effective nuclear decommissioning process and a sustainable management of the radioactive and nuclear waste.
Significant reductions in the substantial cost for decommissioning of more than one hundred nuclear facilities in Europe can be achieved by development and implementation of new and more effective assay techniques.
MetroDecom takes the technologies and methodologies developed in the previous EMRP project “Metrology for radioactive waste management” one step further by demonstrating their implementation and performance in real decommissioning situations.

The aim of the workshop is to facilitate a dialogue among stakeholders, authorities, industrial operators, manufacturers of measurement devices and project partners from the fifteen participating European National Metrology Institutes, agencies and industrial companies.

• Characterisation of materials present on decommissioning sites
• Measurement facility for waste segregation
• Implementation of free release measurement facility on a decommissioning site (JRC Ispra)
• Monitoring of radioactive waste repositories
• Development of reference materials and standard sources
• Knowledge transfer and industrial application


Extended registration deadline: 27 September 2016

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