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Medium-Term Market Outlook for EU Candidate Countries and selected European Neighbourhood Policy Partner Countries

Feb 25 2015
Feb 26 2015

The AGMEMOD (AGriculture MEmber states MODelling) model is used in the context of policy impact assessments. This workshop gathered AGMEMOD partners, modelling and market experts, and policy makers from the Western Balkan region and the European Union with three main objectives:

  1. Presenting main aspects of the Western Balkan region with respect to special regional topics dealing among other issues with the situation related with the recent floods;
  2. Providing preliminary baseline for the EU and for Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Poland and Ireland with respect to cereals, milk and dairy products and meat. Furthermore, presented results were compared to AGLINK outlook results;
  3. Sharing market experts’ views on data compiled, short and medium term perspectives and on selected country baselines and overall market trends.





Session on Western Balkan Countries

Croatian Experience in the Integration EU Process in the agri-food Sector ppt

Snježana Španjol (Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Zagreb)


Agricultural markets and agricultural policy in South and Eastern Europe ppt

Emil Erjavec (LJUB), Tina Volk (LJUB)


Possible European integration strategies and the role of competitiveness

Guna Salputra (JRC-IPTS), Emil Erjavec (LJUB)

Possible European integration strategies and the role of policy making (WB regional experience) ppt

Boban Ilic (SWG-RRD, Skopje)


Challenges in Western Balkan agriculture - impacts of weather conditions ppt

Olivera Jordanovic (World Bank)


Natural calamities: Drought and flood - Croatian case

Ivo Grgic, Magdalena Zrakic (University of Zagreb)


How to model Balkan agriculture - example of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina ppt

Magdalena Zrakic (University of Zagreb), Guna Salputra (JRC-IPTS)



Session on AGMEMOD Introduction

AGMEMOD Main features ppt

Myrna van Leeuwen (LEI)

Baseline macro assumptions – EU and MS ppt

Roel Jongeneel (LEI)


World market prices ppt

Petra Salamon (Thünen Institute)

EU CAP and DG AGRI/JRC market outlook ppt

Sophie Helaine (DG AGRI), Koen Dillen (DG AGRI), Fabien Santini (JRC-IPTS)



Session on Selected Preliminary Results of the Baseline 2015


Milk and dairy products ppt

Roel Jongeneel (LEI)


Cereals ppt

Aida González Mellado (Thünen Institute)


Oilseeds ppt

Martin Banse (Thünen Institute)


Meat ppt

Petra Salamon (Thünen Institute)


Comments about the Beef & Sheep meat forecast ppt

Phillippe Chotteau (Institut de l'Elevage)



Workshop jointly organised by the JRC IPTS Agrilife Unit, Thünen Institute and LEI Wageningen UR; with support from Enlargement and Integration Action of the JRC. Local organization performed by the Croatian Association of Agricultural Economists.


Since 2009, JRC-IPTS annually organised Enlargement and Integration Action workshops and/or trainings, which are closely related to the application of the AGMEMOD model. The workshops have been oriented to bring together active AGMEMOD partnership members, to disseminate recent developments of the model, to present latest modelling outcomes including baseline projections and if necessary to provide training for newcomers of the partnership or potential users of the AGMEMOD model. The latest EU enlargement in 2013 resulted with the Western Balkan country Croatia as the 28th Member State of the EU. Therefore in February 2015 the workshop was organised in Zagreb which enabled academics and policy makers from all candidate and potential candidate countries in Western Balkan to attend the workshop easily.