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Maritime knowledge discovery and anomaly detection workshop

Jul 05 2016
Jul 06 2016

Thousands of vessels cross EU waters and hundreds enter into EU ports every day, generating an overwhelming amount of tracking data and reports that make it possible to disguise illegal operations. Detecting steadily changing deceptive behaviours at sea is becoming like trying to find a needle in a haystack and calls for advanced automatic and adaptive tools to discover useful information from the data.

Data mining, information fusion and visual analytics are becoming central to the discovery of knowledge from the increasingly available information on vessels and their movements (e.g. Automatic Identification System - AIS, Long Range Identification and Tracking - LRIT, radar tracks, Earth Observation) at global scale. This enables the automatic detection of structured anomalies, the prediction of vessel routes up to a few days in advance, the behavioural characterisation of vessels, the understanding and mapping of activities at sea and the analysis of their trends over time. Such knowledge provides a new set of possibilities for improving Maritime Situational Awareness and safety of navigation, understanding what is happening and might be happening at sea.

This event aims at bringing together technology and research providers (academia, industry) and users (operational authorities) in the field of Maritime Knowledge Discovery to identify current capability gaps and highlight the most promising research strands.

More information is available in the workshop website