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Local level food and nutrition security and the role of subsistence/ smallholder farms

picture depicting farmers on rice terraces
Sep 09 2015
Sep 10 2015

This workshop is part of the programme of the 99th Universal Exposition taking place in Milan (Italy) on the theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life". The workshop aims to contribute to share knowledge, experiences and approaches on the economic, institutional, and social drivers of current and future global food and nutrition security. #

One of the main goals is to discuss the role and contribution of smallholder farmers in developing countries. Smallholder farmers as the main rural actors are frequently the most food insecure because of an array of challenges. Also, the link between agriculture and nutrition will be analysed to understand how agriculture impacts human health and dietary patterns.

Finally, synergies and trade-offs between economic, environmental and social objectives and outcomes will be analysed through an overview of the methods and tools used to assess food security at small farm household level. A pleiad of researchers and senior officers from organisations and institutions from all around the world (The World Bank, IFPRI, Cornell University, Norwegian University, University of California, University of Namur, International Finance Corporation, International Water Management Institute, Purdue University, Michigan State University, Columbia University and Arizona State University) together with JRC-IPTS Agrilife Unit and JRC-IES will present and discuss their latest work on these topics.