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Kickoff workshop: HUman behaviour and MAchine INTelligence (HUMAINT)

HUMAINT project
Mar 05 2018
Mar 06 2018

The impact of machine intelligence on human behaviour is the topic of this 2 day kickoff workshop.

The workshop also to bring together a high-level group of experts from across all sectors, to hear from the latest thinking, research, and industrial developments.

The workshop will serve to gather interdisciplinary expert knowledge, focus the programme over the coming three years, and establish a global expert community that can contribute to, and be involved in, the programme of activities.

Tentative programme

  • Human vs machine intelligence

    • Which are the fundamental differences between human and machine intelligence?
    • How do algorithms complement or replace human tasks now and in will do in the future?
  • Algorithms’ impact on human behaviour

    • How do algorithms, when exploited in different applications, affect human cognitive capabilities?
    • Do algorithms have the potential to change the way humans make decisions?
    • Which are the suitable strategies for effective human-algorithm interaction?
  • Evaluation and regulation of algorithms

    • How to evaluate algorithms in a research vs industrial context?
    • Which are policy needs for the usage of algorithms in real applications?
    • Which is the research needed to support these policy needs?
  • Case studies

    • Presentation of examples where there is an interaction between human and machine intelligence.

/jrc/en/file/document/174520Detailed workshop programme


Poble Nou campus, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain


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The HUman behaviour and MAchine INTelligence (HUMAINT) project is a multidisciplinary research project.

It aims to understand the potential impact of machine intelligence on human behaviour.

A particular focus lies on human cognitive capabilities and decision making.

Machine intelligence may provide cognitive help to people. But algorithms can also affect personal decision making and raise privacy issues.

The HUMAINT project has three main goals:

  • Provide a scientific understanding of machine vs human intelligence;
  • Analyse the influence of intelligent algorithms into human capabilities and decision making;
  • Identify challenges that policy makers need to address in the future.