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Kick-off of Development and Control Methods Campaign 2014

Mar 05 2014
Mar 06 2014

Every year, at the beginning of the campaign of control with remote sensing, campaign of CAP direct payment subsidies, MS national administrations, JRC and DG AGRI meet to exchange views and discuss topics linked to: on-the-spot checks, area measurements including GNSS measurement, CwRS sites and sensors deployment.

For present or potential candidates of the EU, the main objective of the workshop will be to assist the competent organisations with the scientific and technical methods and techniques underpinning this specific element of EU CAP implementation in EU, to learn about the methods currently available and discuss its future implementation in their country.


Reference & description:

Kick-off of development and control methods campaign 2014 - workshop (Last update: 20/12/2013)

Date, place & duration:

5-6 March 2014, Varese, Italy - Duration: 2 days