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Workshop "Reducing harmful use of alcohol using behavioural interventions"

Dec 09 2014
Dec 10 2014

Excessive alcohol consumption is a widespread problem in many European countries. Evidence-based behaviour-change interventions can make an important contribution towards reducing harmful use of alcohol. In collaboration with the Directorate General Health and Consumers, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) organises this workshop dedicated to new behaviour change interventions targeting alcohol consumption.
The workshop will provide a platform for mutual learning among academics and national authorities. Experts will discuss active ingredients of behaviour change interventions, their effective dissemination and evaluation. The workshop will also provide ample opportunity for a direct exchange of experiences and new ideas between participants, who can be scientists or practitioners.
The event is addressed to researchers and policy makers with an interest in health and behaviour change.

The main objectives of the event are:

  • Dissemination: Transfer new effective concepts for behaviour change across countries
  • Mutual learning: Learn about active ingredients, evaluation methodology, and practical challenges
  • Innovation: Provide a platform for new ideas and new collaborations

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