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IGD-TP PLANDIS Workshop 2015 - Research, Development and Demonstration of Radioactive Waste Disposal

May 26 2015

In the framework of the IGD-TP activity to network, structure and develop Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D) programmes and competences in countries with less advanced geological disposal programmes, the IGD-TP is organising a workshop (PLANning geological DISposal of radioactive waste in Europe – PLANDIS). The workshop aims to communicate, review and assess a guidance document to support RD&D planning for geological radioactive waste disposal. PLANDIS will be held on 26 May and will be hosted by the Institute for Nuclear Research Piteşti in Romania.


JRC-ITU is directly involved in drafting of the guidance document, to be released during summer 2015. The aim of the PLANDIS Guide is to support EU Member States in planning their own Research & Development into managing their nuclear waste and will also be used for training programme reference.


Expected outcomes and benefits of the workshop might include:

  • Experience of ranking a list of potential RD&D tasks
  • Meet other professionals working on RD&D in a disposal programme
  • Gain experience of completing the Guide template on RD&D prioritization to take away as useful input to own programme
  • Interact with experienced RD&D planners in a more ‘informal’ setting to ask questions and provide feedback on Guide


The event will be of particular interest to decision makers, disposal programme owners and managers, Waste Management Organizations, Technical Support Organizations, representatives of civil society and experts knowledgeable in governance and involvement of civil society.


For more information view the official announcement here.