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2019 JRC workshop on checks and management of agricultural land in IACS

Apr 10 2019
Apr 11 2019

The 2019 JRC workshop on checks and management of agricultural land in the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) was held from Wednesday 10 April (9.00 AM) to Thursday 11 April (4.00 PM) in Valladolid, Spain.

The workshop was co-hosted by the Consejería de Agricultura y Ganadería de la Junta de Castilla y León (Regional Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock) and the FEGA (Spanish Agrarian Guarantee Fund)

The workshop was held in the premises of the Regional Ministry of Agriculture Calle Rigoberto Cortejoso, 14, 47014 Valladolid, Spain.

The purpose of the workshop was to bring together the technical experts from the Member States and the European Commission to find appropriate solutions and foster innovative developments.

The 2019 IACS workshop mainly addressed:

  • Aspects of the introduction of monitoring as a means to substitute on-the-spot checks (OTSC);
  • Current developments on data sharing;
  • Presentations of H2020 projects targeting the CAP;
  • Some hints on the CAP2020+.

This year, presentations and discussions were in plenary sessions only.

/jrc/en/file/document/179730Final agenda and the list of persons registered for the workshop

Presentations can be downloaded clicking on title:

     Day 1 – Wednesday 10 April 2019, Morning

/jrc/en/file/document/179728 Welcome & introduction (JRC & DG AGRI)

     Host address (FEGA & Castile and León)

Session on H2020 Projects

(Chair: Roberto RODRIGUEZ ALVAREZ (FEGA), ES and Alberto GUTIERREZ GARCIA (Castille León), ES)

  1. /jrc/en/file/document/179703Ecolass project (Eva SEVILLANO MARCO,DE)

  2. /jrc/en/file/document/179782SENSAGRI project (Antonio RUIZ VERDÚ, ES)

  3. /jrc/en/file/document/179704FAST project (Isidro CAMPOS-RODRIGUEZ, DG AGRI D4)

  4. /jrc/en/file/document/179705NIVA project (Mariano NAVARRO De La CRUZ, ES)

  5. /jrc/en/file/document/179706EO4AGRI project (Miguel Angel ESBRI, ES

  6. /jrc/en/file/document/179707FAIRshare project (Laura Carmen ENFEDAQUE DIAZ, ES)

  7. /jrc/en/file/document/179708Lessons learned from Copernicus R&D projects and their application to the Monitoring Area System in Castile and Leon (David A. NAFRÌA, C.y L. ES)

Day 1 – Wednesday 10 April 2019, Afternoon

Session on Checks by Monitoring


  1. /jrc/en/file/document/179709ECA audit on new technologies (Jindrich DOLEZAL, ECA)

  2. /jrc/en/file/document/179710Main challenges identified in conducting checks by monitoring in Spain (Charo ESCUDERO (Tragsatec), Samuel ESTEBAN (Aragon), and Fernando FELIÙ (FEGA), ES).

  3. /jrc/en/file/document/179711Messages from the 1st year of implementation in Italy (Francesco SOFIA, IT)

  4. /jrc/en/file/document/179759Messages from Denmark experience (Jakob DRAGSBÆK, DK)

  5. /jrc/en/file/document/179712Test in Belgium Wallonia (Joseph DELWART, BE-WA)

  6. /jrc/en/file/document/179713Test in Cyprus (Kyriakos ALEXANDROU, CY)

  7. /jrc/en/file/document/179714SEN4CAP output for monitoring (Benjamin KOETZ, ESA Pierre DEFOURNY, BE)

  8. /jrc/en/file/document/179715State of DIAS initiatives (Guido LEMOINE, JRC D5)

  9. /jrc/en/file/document/179716Technical hints on Checks by Monitoring (Pavel MILENOV, JRC D5)

Day 2 – Thursday 11 April 2019 morning

Session on Other uses of Sentinel data

    (Chair: Fernando FELIU BERNARDEZ (FEGA), ES)

  1. /jrc/en/file/document/179717Non paper on Area Monitoring System (AMS) (Ana BRNCIC, DG AGRI D3)

  2. /jrc/en/file/document/179718Ever growing possibilities of Sentinel data for the CAP (Vincenzo ANGILERI, DG JRC D5)

  3. /jrc/en/file/document/180385Automatic segmentation of imagery for LPIS/Monitoring purpose (Pieter ROGGEMANS, BE-FL)

  4. /jrc/en/file/document/179719Other uses of Sentinel data in Italy (Livio ROSSI, SIN IT)

Session on Data sharing

(Chair: Javier Francisco ROJO REVILLA (Castille León), ES)

  1. /jrc/en/file/document/179720Legal and practical considerations towards an effective IACS data sharing (Mohamed EL AYDAM, DG AGRI D3)

  2. /jrc/en/file/document/179721IACS data sharing in Catalonia (Laura Ruana PAVON (Catalonia), ES)

  3. /jrc/en/file/document/179722INSPIRE - State of Play (Robert TOMAS, JRC B6)

  4. /jrc/en/file/document/179723IACS spatial data sharing: Technical guidelines in light of the outcome of the survey (Katalin TOTH, JRC D5)

  5. /jrc/en/file/document/179724Pilot projects for data sharing implementation (Mohamed AL AYDAM, DG AGRI D3/JRC D5)

Day 2 – Thursday 11 April 2019 Afternoon

Session on 2019 technical business

(Chair: David NAFRÌA GARCIA (Castille León), ES)

  1. /jrc/en/file/document/179760CAP related activities at GSA: EGNSS and the geo-tagged photo application (Joaquín REYES GONZÁLEZ, GSA)

  2. /jrc/en/file/document/179725LPIS QA workshop outcomes (Nataša LUKETIC, JRC D5)

  3. /jrc/en/file/document/179726Analysing the CwRS imagery use (Par ASTRAND, JRC D5)

  4. /jrc/en/file/document/179727Guidance, technical guidance, supporting documents in 2019 (Philippe LOUDJANI, JRC D5)

  5. /jrc/en/file/document/179729Closing remarks (JRC/AGRI & the Hosts)