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Workshop on checks and management of agricultural land in IACS

May 28 2018
May 30 2018

The 2018 JRC workshop on checks and management of agricultural land in the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) will be organised from Monday 28 May (14:00) to Wednesday 30 May (16:00) in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The workshop is co-hosted by the Lithuanian Agricultural Information and Rural Business Centre (VIC).

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together the technical experts from the Member States and the European Commission to find appropriate solutions and foster innovative developments.

The 2018 IACS workshop will address some recurrent and persistent weaknesses that remain in some systems. Addressing these weaknesses will help to prepare the systems for the introduction of monitoring as means to substitute on-the-spot checks (OTSCs).

/jrc/en/file/document/175364Final Agenda

Monday (28 May) morning will start with a side event on

/jrc/en/file/document/175293Introduction to Sentinel-1: Course Content

In the afternoon the workshop opens with plenary sessions on the 2018 Technical Guidance and the development of the common technical specifications for monitoring.

Tuesday (29 May) will be devoted to discussions in small groups, each addressing one of the following topics:

  • Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS) design
  • Grassland classification & pro-rata
  • Land tenure and 'at the disposal of'
  • Mapping & measuring, margins, tolerances and thresholds
  • Geo Spatial Aid Application (GSAA) & farmer input
  • The actual use of imagery

For more details please check the

/jrc/en/file/document/175365Programme of Day 2

On Wednesday (30 May) there will be a plenary session on the previous working group outcomes and on recent technical developments.


Day 1

The technical presentations from the capacity-building training on radar imagery by Guido Lemoine, JRC are published on WikiCAP

  1. /jrc/en/file/document/1755122018 IACS workshop introduction

  2. /jrc/en/file/document/175513New technologies and IACS - Modifications of implementing legislation - Art 40a/40b (Ana Brncic)

  3. /jrc/en/file/document/175514Report on the CTS on Monitoring activities (Wim Devos & Philippe Loudjani)

  4. /jrc/en/file/document/175515Revised guidance documents (Ana Brncic)

  5. /jrc/en/file/document/175516Common Technical Specifications on OTSC (Philippe Loudjani)

  6. /jrc/en/file/document/175517LPIS QA results (Alain Vander Velde)

  7. LPIS QA updates (MTS/ETS) - Natasa Luketic, JRC

    /jrc/en/file/document/175518LPIS QA updates MTS/ETS (Natasa Luketic)

Day 2

  1. /jrc/en/file/document/175519Audit Findings (Ourania Nakou)

  2. /jrc/en/file/document/175520Briefing on the discussion sessions (Par Astrand)

The preparatory presentations, reports and outcome of the six discussion sessions are published on WikiCAP

Day 3

  1. /jrc/en/file/document/175521First results of an Bavarian pilot project on monitoring (Martin Horndasch)

  2. /jrc/en/file/document/175522Automatic procedures for the identification of changes in the actual use of agricultural land (Miran Tisu)

  3. /jrc/en/file/document/175523Debriefing of the Paying Agency Directors conference (Rositsa Ivanova)

  4. /jrc/en/file/document/175524IACS post-2020 (Ana Brncic)

  5. /jrc/en/file/document/175525Workshop closure (Wim Devos)