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2017 IACS Workshop - Control and management of agricultural land in IACS

May 29 2017
May 31 2017

The 2017 JRC workshop on control and management of agricultural land in IACS (Integrated Agricultural Control System) will be organised from Monday 29 May (14:00) to Wednesday 31 May  (16:00) in Ghent, Belgium.

The workshop is co-hosted by the Agriculture and Fisheries Department of Belgium-Flanders.

Mr Jerzy Plewa, Director-General of The Directorate General for Agriculture and rural development (AGRI), will attend some sessions of the workshop.

This workshop integrates established elements of our former Control with Remote Sensing (CwRS) kick-off meeting, Control Methods workshop and Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS) workshop relating to the area-based schemes of the 1st and 2nd pillars of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). 





  1. Daydreaming about the use of new technologies in the LPIS in Flanders (Sebastiaan Philips, BE-FL)


  1. CTS updates 2017 (Philippe Loudjani, D5.JRC


  1. Image provision 2017 (Pär Åstrand, D5.JRC)


  1. Changes to LPISQA:  Analysis of the sampling representativeness and impact on 2017 (Wim Devos, Dominique Fasbender, D5.JRC)


  1. LPIS QA: State of Play (Alain Vander Velde D3.AGRI)


  1. Questionnaire on CTS practices and challenges (Philippe Loudjani, D5.JRC)


  1. Effectiveness of current CwRS strategy – real case examples (Pavel Milenov, Csaba Wirnhardt D5.JRC)


  1. Short term gains (Arie van der Greft D3.AGRI)


  1. Outlook on the 2020 priorities and the public consultation on the 2020 CAP (Flavio Coturni C1.AGRI)


  1. A Large Scale Pilot to support further integration and digitization of IACS across Europe (Louis Mahy, B2. DG AGRI)


  1. Automated methods using Sentinel data for error reduction and plausibility tests (Guido Lemoine, D5.JRC)


  1. Ideas for improving the CAP Introduction (Jerzy Plewa, Director-General DG AGRI)
  1. Croatian ideas on simplifying the CAP (Karlo Banovic, HR)


  1. Ideas on simplifying the IACS (Wolfgang Ehbauer, Rolf Selg, DE)


  1. Use of new technologies to reduce administrative burden and error rate (Ahti Bleive, EE)


  1. Outcomes of a season of Copernicus Workshops (Marga Rademaker, RVO-NL; Csonka Bernadett, FÖMI, HU)


  1. An eye on crops, thanks to global satellite monitoring (Everaerts Jurgen, BE-FL)


  1. Support to operational monitoring of agri-environment measures(Chris Steenmans, EEA)


  1. An overview of the use of SENTINEL in the CwRS Spanish program (Fernando Feliu, ES)


  1. SEN4CAP: Developing from Mapping to Monitoring Sentinel Observations (Benjamin Koetz, ESA)


  1. Calibration of the QE2 acceptance [LPISQA] (Natasa Luketic, D5.JRC)


  1. Mapping land cover and recording land use: Eligibility profile 3.0 (Pavel Milenov, D5.JRC)


  1. Provisional MTS results: some thoughts of the qualities of a reference parcel in the GSAA world (Natasa Luketic, Pavel Milenov, D5.JRC)


  1. Challenges of multi-annual Rural Development commitments on areas with dynamic features (Kresten Jensen, DK)


  1. Implementation of geo-spatial aid application in Catalonia (Laura Ruana Pavon, ES-Cat)


  1. New remote sensing techniques support smart farming (Everaerts Jurgen, BE-FL)


  1. Detection of small landscape elements in Flanders based on remote sensing techniques (Jo Van Valckenborgh, BE-FL)


  1. DIAS scenarios supporting CAP monitoring and control (Daniel Quintart, DG.GROW)


  1. Possible use of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images in IACS (Bernadette Csonka, HU)


  1. Beyond Sentinel-2 with UrtheDaily Constellation for Land and Agriculture monitoring (Jamie Ritchie, ES)


  1. Spatial Data Usage in Turkish Agriculture (Hakan Erden, Murad Aslan, TR)


  1. LPIS conditions for permanent grassland protection - Croatian experience (Dino Vujaklija, HR)


  1. Geospatial intelligence support in IACS operations (Corrado Corradi,IT)


  1. Workshop conclusions (Wim Devos,JRC D5)



Social event

We have the pleasure to announce that the co-host is offering a social event on Tuesday, 30 May 2017.  This involves a guided boat excursion through in the historic centre of Ghent, with complementary aperitifs and tapas. Departure will be at 19:00 from Korenlei 4A, at "Het Groene Boothuisje", (literally: the small green boathouse).

Please note that you must indicate whether or not you will participate in this excursion during the workshop registration process.


Registration will be available through the JRC's events registration module.

The deadline for registration is 23 May 2017. Please indicate whether you will participate in the social event and possibly on a single day.

NB: At previous workshops we noticed that some registrants who reserved a place did not attend. If you register please ensure that you do attend or, if you have to cancel, please inform us as soon as possible.

To safeguard the availability of seats and to efficiently manage our resources, we now operate a system whereby an unexcused “no-show” registrant will be excluded from subsequent GTCAP events.


The Venue is the auditorium Romain Deconinck of the VAC (Vlaamse Administratief Centrum), located next to “Gent St.Pieters” Railway Station,

Koningin Maria Hendrikaplein 70

9000 Ghent



The deadline for booking Novotel and IBIS rooms at block rates has expired, participants need to book their own accommodation independently.

The hotels can be reached by taking tramline 1 from the railway station and descending at stops Savaanstraat (Ibis Opera) or Korenmarkt (Ibis Kathedraal and Novotel).