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Workshop on HPLC Phytoplankton Pigments Inter-comparisons (HIP)

Sep 15 2021

The 3rd Workshop on HPLC Phytoplankton Pigments Inter-comparisons (HIP) will take place 15 September 2021 and will, for the first time, be an online event. 


The aim of the workshop is to present and discuss the results of the last HPLC phytoplankton pigment analysis (HIP-6). The event is the opportunity to create and expand a network of researchers, which activities focus on marine pigments analysis in support to satellite data and bio-optical algorithm validation.


Since 2010, the Joint Research Centre has regularly organised inter-comparison exercises on HPLC Phytoplankton Pigments (HIP) analysis to support the validation of satellite data products.

The HIP-5 and HIP-6 inter-comparisons have been launched with the general objective of supporting the validation of marine phytoplankton data products from Copernicus Sentinel-3 missions.

The inter-comparisons will specifically focus on the determination of Total Chlorophyll a and other relevant phytoplankton pigments in natural waters.

The European Commission's Joint Research Centre has organised yearly international workshops for coordinating the HIPs activities since 2019.


Registration is free, but limited to 25 participants.

Priority will be given to laboratories that participated in previous round-robins.

Please submit your request for participation to Elisabetta Canuti ( by 10 September 2021.