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Agricultural Trade and Food Security in the Euro-Med Area

Sep 25 2014
Sep 26 2014

Workshop jointly organised by the JRC IPTS Agrilife Unit and Akdeniz University, Department of Economics and Economic Research Center on Mediterranean Countries (CREM); with support from Enlargement and Integration Action of the EC Joint Research Centre.




Session 1. Selected challenges: trade, institutions, market information

Measuring and Decomposing Cost of Agricultural Trade Between Turkey, the EU and MENA Countries
Selim Çağatay, Akdeniz University

Modelling trade facilitation in Euro-Med Area
Chahir Zaki, University of Cairo

How Does Institutional Convergence Help Agricultural Trade in the Euro-Med Area?
Suleyman Degirmen, Mersin University

The impact of NTMs on agro-food trade between the EU and selected MENA countries
A. Ali Koç, Akdeniz University

Trade integration in North Africa and Food Security
Pierre Boulanger, JRC IPTS

MED-AMIN: a Mediterranean network on agricultural markets information for food security purposes
Christine Ton Nu, CIHEAM-IAMM



Session 2. Selected challenges: productivity, climate change, water

Agricultural Productivity Growth in the Euro-Med region: empirical convergence?
Mattas Konstadinos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Climate change, agriculture and trade: impacts and dynamics for Turkey
Hasan Dudu, JRC IPTS

Water policy, poverty reduction and food security: a comparative wide analysis for Morocco and Tunisia
Chokri Thabet, Higher Agronomic Institute of Chott Meriem



Panel Session 1. Policies and Investments

Policies and Investments for Poverty Reduction and Food Security in the MENA+TI Countries
Clemens Breisinger, IFPRI


Session 3. Selected challenges: food waste, food chain, diets

Food losses and waste in the MENA countries: status, prospects, and strategies for reduction
Jennifer Smolak, FAO

Sustainability of food chains in the Euro-Med Area
Giulia Palma, CIHEAM-IAMM

Changing Diets in the MENA Countries: Implications for Nutrition and Food Security
Fatima Hachem, FAO

Panel Session 2. Projections and prospects

Food security in the Euro-Med Area in 2030
Anis Salem, Development Works


Integrated Agricultural Monitoring and Information System (AGRIMONIS -TARBiL)
Turgay Altilar, Istanbul Technical University