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EU-AU-IIASA Evidence and Policy Event

EU-IIASA Evidence and Policy event
Aug 30 2016
Sep 02 2016

In a complex world, evidence-based policymaking can enhance the effectiveness of public policies. To develop the necessary skills for improving practices in better integrating evidence into policy-making, the European and African Union Commissions together with the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) are organising a highly participatory evidence and policy event. Participants will develop their working practices, skills, behaviours and methods, in both the scientific and policy-making domains via masterclasses and group work.

See the concept note and draft programme for more information.


This year, we invited applications from policy officers and scientists developing policy and conducting research in the field of the Water-Energy-Food nexus. The event aims to meet the following main goals:

  • Enhance participants' skills in integrating evidence into policy-making.
  • Create a community of practice that will continue to collaborate afterwards.
  • Stimulate the participants to share their new skills and learning with their colleagues.

Watch recorded masterclasses

You can also watch some of the masterclasses offered during the event on JRC YouTube channel.
Learn how to increase policy impact of evidence or get inspiration to recreate this session in your own environment.

/jrc/en/file/178845Connecting evidence and policy? Scientists and policymakers from 45 countries learned how

For more information about the masterclasses, participants, and training material, please join our Capacity4Dev community.

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