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European Innovation Policies in the Digital Single Market – Present and Future Challenges

Apr 08 2016

In the context of their joint EURIPIDIS project on ICT innovation*, the JRC and DG CONNECT jointly organised a workshop on European Innovation Policies in the Digital Single Market - Present and Future Challenges.

The objective of the workshop was to present and discuss results from recent JRC studies on ICT innovation and the policy messages coming from these results, notably in the context of the European Digital Single Market policy initiative.

Workshop discussions focused on:

  • The evolving ICT innovation ecosystem, the main ICT innovation drivers and barriers in Europe, and relevant policy implications
  • The role of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) in fostering innovation within the ICT innovation ecosystem.

The workshop was well attended with more than 70 registered participants, most of them from the European Commission, and several external experts.

Welcome & Introduction

The evolving ICT ecosystem and consequences for ICT innovation policy– an overview

Chair: Marc Bogdanowicz, JRC

First panel: The view of the innovators on the evolving ICT innovation ecosystem and resulting innovation policy challenges

Moderator: Federico Biagi, JRC

Second panel: The role of intellectual property rights (IPRs) as drivers and barriers for innovation in the context of the ICT innovation ecosystem

Moderator: Nikolaus Thumm, JRC

*The JRC has been investigating innovation in the ICT sector and ICT-enabled innovation in Europe for several years. We encourage you to consult several publications resulting from recent work by JRC on topics related to the workshop.  They are available in the EURIPDIS research page.