EU Science Hub

Effective use of technology and social media for refugees' labour market integration

Dec 13 2016

Despite high public interest in supporting technological innovation in refugees' integration, the tech community active in this field faces challenges of funding, organisation and duplication. Better coordination and stronger interlinkages between key stakeholders, including public authorities, are needed to address these challenges and to make the innovations sustainable in the long-term. The European Commission’s Action Plan on the integration of third country nationals from June 2016 recognises the need to harness innovative use of technology, social media and the internet at all stages of the integration process.

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) is organising this expert workshop to bring together multiple stakeholders ranging from public authorities at different levels, tech entrepreneurs and volunteers to NGOs, think-tanks, foundations, employers and refugee representatives. The aim is to stimulate exchange on the practicalities of making the best use of technology in facilitating refugees' labour market integration and to identify how the European Commission could support technological innovation in refugees' integration.

The event is organised by the EU Policy Lab under the framework of the European Commission's Knowledge Centre for Migration and Demography. Participants will take part in interactive discussion sessions on specific topics such as sustainability, transferability and inclusiveness of tech initiatives, better coordination, policy innovation and data policy.