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Workshop on proficiency tests (PTs) & basic and advanced courses on gamma-ray spectrometry

Jan 30 2018
Feb 02 2018

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) will organise a workshop for the participants in the 2017 EC Proficiency Test as well as basic and advanced courses on gamma-ray spectrometry.

Workshop & courses

30 January 2018
Courses on basic gamma-ray spectrometry
31 January 2017
"Measurement of gamma-ray emitting radionuclides in food and feed"
01 February 2018
Course on advanced gamma-ray spectrometry and auxiliary concept related to radioactivity in food and feed


For more information about the workshop and courses download the programme (PDF).


The events are open to all but priority will be given to participants of the PT.

You can register for one or more events on our registration page.


The JRC supports the Directorate General for Energy in implementing Article 35 of the EURATOM treaty by performing regular proficiency tests (PTs) of the Member States capacity to measure radioactivity in the environment.

In July-August 2017, four radionuclides (131I, 134Cs, 137Cs and 40K) were tested in a matrix composed of maize, one of the most common ingredients in feed.

The maize reference material was produced by the JRC. There were 120 participants from the EU and neighbouring countries.

In addition to the routine reporting, for the first time, the JRC asked the participants to carry out on a voluntary basis an emergency reporting within 48 hours of receiving the sample. Seventy-nine laboratories performed the emergency reporting.