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Development of Polices and Financing of Energy Efficiency Measures in Buildings at National and on Local Level Workshop

Jun 24 2014
Jun 25 2014
Place still to be defined

This workshop is organised to discuss and to exchange experience and know-how among policy makers, experts, energy service companies and financial institutions in the new Member State, Candidate Countries, Potential Candidate Countries, Framework Programme Associated Countries, European Neighbourhood Policy Partner Countries and Russia on the topic of development of policies, strategies and financial mechanisms for improvement of the energy efficiency in buildings.

In particular, the workshop aims at gathering information on the status of implementation of policies and strategies for EE in public buildings in the above countries, the current barriers and enabling factors, the potential for energy efficiency and energy services, and to present best practices.


Reference & description:

Development of policies and financing of energy efficiency measures in buildings at national and local level - workshop (Last update: 13/05/2014)

Date, place & duration:
24-25 June 2014, 2 days, place still to be defined