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Sustainable consumption - Calculate your Consumer Footprint: which consumption patterns impact the climate?

All4Climate showcases ideas, projects and initiatives on climate change in the lead up to the Youth4Climate and Pre-COP26 in Milan in September
Sep 28 2021

10:00-11:15 CET

Through this ‘Hands-on workshop’ side event of the pre-COP26 All4Climate - Italy 2021 initiative, JRC scientists from the European Platform on Life Cycle Assessment will illustrate the environmental impacts of the consumption patterns of EU citizens and host an interactive discussion around lifestyle and behavioural changes that can reduce the climate change impacts of EU consumers.


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We invite representatives of civil society, youth movements, young activists, and citizens who are interested in understanding how consumption patterns and lifestyle impact global climate change.


A Webex session (join here) will be made available to registered participants to support an interactive virtual Q&A session, taking place from 10:00 to 11:15 CET on 28 September.

Participants will be invited to use the Consumer Footprint Calculator to explore the environmental impacts of their lifestyle.

Participants will have the opportunity to interact with JRC scientists Serenella Sala and Esther Sanye Mengual, as well as EU Climate Pact Ambassadors.


For queries, please write to esther.sanye-mengual(at), inserting in the subject 'Consumer Footprint Youth Climate event'


Current consumption patterns and lifestyles play a key role in global impacts due to climate change. As consumers, citizens can lead the transition to sustainable consumption and production by changing specific behaviours and promoting sustainable choices. However, we still need to quantify and identify the lifestyles and patterns that currently drive climate change impacts.

The Consumer Footprint Calculator allows citizens to calculate the environmental impact of their individual consumption patterns by answering specific questions focused on five areas of consumption: food, mobility, appliances, household goods, and housing. Users can explore their resulting environmental impacts against the ecological limits of our planet, compare them with those of the average EU citizen, and understand how  products contribute to their overall environmental impact.

This event is a hands-on workshop on evaluating the environmental impacts of consumption patterns. Participants will discuss which consumption patterns have the biggest climate impacts, and how EU consumers can help reach the ambitions of the European Green Deal. Participants will use the Consumer Footprint Calculator to calculate the environmental impacts of their own consumption patterns.