EU Science Hub

3rd Regional Modelling Workshop

Dec 10 2014
Dec 11 2014

This is the third year that JRC-IPTS (Seville) hosts a General Equilibrium workshop to exchange views with researchers from all over Europe and all over the world.
The presence of so many experts from the academic world and from the economic analysis units of the Commission has been a precious occasion to share views and compare approaches and methodologies.

This workshop has been the result of a joint collaboration with DG REGIO to define its structure and the themes to be treated.
Our annual workshops represent an occasion to scan the scientific horizon to explore future avenues of research while at the same time exchanging views with leading experts on features that we have developed in our models, and notably in the domain of labour markets this year.

Very important subjects have been addressed during this workshop.
During the first day, we have had the occasion to learn from economic models integrating spatial features at different levels of disaggregation, taking into account population, accessibility and land use characteristics.
On the second day the focus has shifted towards modelling the labour market, which is of course one of the key dimensions that citizens and policy makers expect to see analysed by economic models.
The issues of migration, job market participation, unemployment, skill accumulation need to be carefully addressed  in general equilibrium models and this workshop allowed us to discuss and compare alternative ways of doing it.
We have been happy to discover interesting models integrating space, land use, housing markets and demographic developments into a general equilibrium framework.