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1st International Workshop on Resilience

Sep 20 2016
Sep 21 2016
Torino & Ispra

How do we use resilience-based seismic engineering to steward our built environment and make it safer, resilient and sustainable in the future? It is the objective of this workshop to assess and develop strategies on how to improve community resilience against a major event. We will chart a path for tackling new challenges in evaluation and repair of existing structures, design of new structures and infrastructure, cost-effective risk management, and impact on society and economy to increasethe resilience of the communities in which we live. Our aim is to develop a common global vision for earthquake engineering and resilience design, while recognizing unique regional traditions.

The 1st International Workshop on Resilience is organised by the Politecnico di Torino and the JRC. It will take place in Turin and Ispra.

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Participation to the workshop is by invitation.