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JRC hosts international workshop on health and safety research with radiotracers and radiolabelled nanoparticles

Participants at the 2014 JRC Workshop on health and safety research with radiotracers and radiolabelled nanoparticles
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Nov 13 2014
Nov 14 2014

On 13th and 14th November 2014, in Ispra, the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, Institute for Health and Consumer Protection (JRC-IHCP), held a two-day long workshop dedicated to cyclotron accelerator research and nanoparticle labelling. The workshop, funded by the JRC Enlargement and Integration Programme, has been an annual event organised by the JRC-IHCP since 2005, and this year’s event was the 10th  and last in the series to be held in Ispra.

The agenda covered general cyclotron research, facility reports, nuclear medicine and nanoparticle radiolabelling. The focus on radiolabelled nanoparticles reflects current research priorities in many institutions, as well as the main research area of the JRC-IHCP Radiotracers group.
The aim of the series of workshops was to stimulate closer collaboration between cyclotron facilities on issues of common concern, and integrate cyclotron facilities in candidate and associated countries into the cyclotron research community in Europe. The workshop series is viewed as a useful forum for networking and developing collaborations within the European cyclotron research community, and this year’s event again attracted a record number of 45 participants, from 27 different institutions. Its success has led to plans to continue the series in other locations in future years, under different funding schemes.