EU Science Hub

Workshop: Joining forces through Smart Specialisation: Synergies between ESIF and Horizon 2020 for Key Enabling Technologies

Mar 26 2014

The European Commission in cooperation with the Committee of the Regions organises a workshop with the aim to stimulate interaction between national/regional authorities on one side and H2020 industrial and research & innovation stakeholders on the other. The workshop will also focus on raising awareness about the role of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) as drivers for industrial competitiveness in regions.

Speakers will discuss why and how KETs-related priorities can be included in Smart Specialisation strategies, as well as how to facilitate interregional synergies between national/regional authorities, industry and research.

The event is addressed to regional and national bodies involved in Smart Specialisation strategies and the promotion of KETs, and also to research, innovation and industry stakeholders.

Registration for the workshop will close on 11th March 2014.