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Mapping EU ICT start-ups and their ecosystems

Jul 04 2014

International experts workshop

Building on Europe's assets, in particular its many ICT industrial clusters, small and large hubs of ICT start-ups have emerged during the last decade across the continent. Many of those are hoped to generate high-growth firms, and consequently the growth and the jobs of the future. This dynamic is closely followed and supported by several DGs across the Commission, starting with the Small Business Act and its follow-up initiative in Digital Entrepreneurship at DG ENTR as well as the Digital Agenda for Europe and the Web-Entrepreneurs (Start Up Europe) initiatives at DG CNECT.  DG EAC, DG EMPL are also active in the area.

Interestingly enough, little evidence, including at Eurostat, allows to follow, measure and analyse the phenomena. Different initiatives for data gathering have been launched with no clear result yet emerging. The objective of this workshop is to present and discuss those various initiatives and their respective assets and limitations as to better understand what are the existing methods and results, and the future developments that can be expected.

Workshop Presentations

  • /jrc/en/file/document/170137Mapping EU ICT start-ups & their Ecosystems

    Marc Bogdanowicz, JRC-IPTS
  • Startup Genome project. Björn Lasse Hermann, CEO & Founder of Compass (formerly Startup Genome)
  • Compass project, Jean-Francois Gauthier, CFO & Head of Business Development, Compass
  • /jrc/en/file/document/170138Digital Entrepreneurship Monitor (DEM)

    Laura Delgado Garcia and Alessandro Cenderello, EY
  • /jrc/en/file/document/170139SEP Monitor- Startup Europe Partnership Scale-Ups Mapping project

    Alberto Onetti, Startup Europe Partnership & Robert Miskuf, Pedal Consulting
  • Cambridge Cluster Map, Charles Armstrong , Trampoline Systems
  • Dynamic Mapping of web entrepreneurs and start-ups ecosystem, Rob Turner, Grant Thornton UK LLP
  • /jrc/en/file/document/170140European ICT Poles of Excellence (EIPE)

    Giuditta de Prato and Daniel Nepelski, JRC-IPTS