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Standard Essential Patents in Information and Communication Technologies and Innovation in Europe

Oct 27 2014


International experts workshop

Markets for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are characterized by short product cycles, strong competition and many players. Innovation is a key factor and firms have to constantly improve technologies to be competitive. Also, ICT markets are regulated, most of the innovation with ICT is incremental and markets are characterized by technical standards which require innovative firms to work together in order to be successful. It is no surprise that under such circumstances, changes in the use and understanding of patents have affected the industry and the innovation process.

This workshop brought together representatives from academia, industry and standards organizations to discuss specific issues around standard essential patents (SEPs) and their impact on innovation in ICT. This one-day event aimed to facilitate an interesting and open exchange under Chatham house rules, to complete fact finding and to gather different opinions.

Workshop Presentations

Contact: Nikolaus Thumm