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Models of innovation in the Creative and Content Industries: Inspiring insights from the Cinema industry

Nov 07 2014


In order to describe and analyse models of ICT innovation, the JRC invited Professor Pierre-Jean Benghozi, Research Director at the CNRS, and Head of the Research Unit in Economics and Management at the Ecole Polytechnique (Paris, France) to present his report on ICT innovation in the cinema industry.

The study was commissioned to target a sector where technological innovation developed at high pace while R&D investment was barely observable.

The report aimed to provide information on if/where R&D takes place in the cinema sector, which economic actors are taking charge of it, where they are located in the value chain, how they are articulated with content producers and finally how / what innovation emerges.

The workshop aimed to validate the evidence and its interpretation. Participants from the industry were invited to present their views, compare the cinema industry with other cultural industries and also to contrast their views with the perspectives of well-known experts in the field of innovation in the creative industries.

Workshop presentations