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Models of innovation in the Creative and Content Industries: Lessons from the Cinema industry. Results and Policy implications

Mar 23 2015

This workshop was organised in the context of the three-year research project on European Innovation Policies for the Digital Shift (EURIPIDIS) jointly launched in 2013 by the JRC and DG CONNECT of the European Commission.

The aim of the workshop was to improve understanding of innovation in the ICT sector and of ICT-enabled innovation in the rest of the economy. In order to meet this objective, the IPTS commissioned several research projects, and among them, a study to the Research Unit in Economics and Management (CRG) at the Ecole Polytechnique (Paris, France).  The final report aims at:

  • providing elements about where R&D takes place in the cultural sectors
  • finding out which economic actors are taking charge of R&D
  • where R&D are located in the value chain
  • how R&D are articulated with content producers

The report revealed that specialized technological companies have a radically different model of innovation and business as compared to the one observed that far in the production and distribution stage of the Content of Media companies. It also suggested that the technological dynamics in Content Industries might encourage the expansion of the market of the "specialized technological companies" towards other sectors (automotive, domotics and health could be candidates) with an offering of innovative solutions including facial and landscape recognition, sound solutions, visual effects, 3D, etc.

As the report identified some cases, introduced as “new middlemen” of the digital age, the validation workshop was set up to check these assumptions, inviting participants from the industry running these companies to give their views, inviting as well as well-known experts in the field of innovation in the creative industries.

Moreover, the workshop contributed to further delineate the relative position of European companies in these processes and to describe how European policies might be affecting those companies and the solutions they implement to innovate globally.