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Integrated techniques for the seismic strengthening and energy efficiency of existing buildings

Nov 16 2020
Nov 19 2020

Earthquakes threaten a large percentage of homes and public buildings across the EU. At the same time, inefficient energy consumption from these outdated buildings is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. A pilot project puts forward a holistic approach to improve simultaneously the seismic safety and energy efficiency of the European building stock.

Our sustainable approach will combine renovation efforts that reduce building vulnerability to protect lives and will update the energy efficiency of ageing structures to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and tackle energy poverty, while reducing the retrofit’s environmental impact.

The pilot project directly supports several European Commission priorities including the Green Deal’s call for renovating in an energy and resource efficient way. It provides technical background in support of the Renovation Wave initiative and an action plan to modernise the European building stock.

The workshop has the following objectives:

  • Create awareness among participants of the issue’s challenges and opportunities
  • Engage stakeholders to create a network for information exchange
  • Present the pilot project and share the knowledge produced
  • Exchange ideas on technical/scientific and policy issues
  • Collect feedback on needs, knowledge gaps and expectations to inform efforts in the second phase of the pilot project.


16 November 2020

Opening session
Regional impact assessment and contributions to an action plan

17 November 2020 Overview and classification of technologies for seismic strengthening and energy upgrading of existing buildings
18 November 2020 Analysis of technologies for combined upgrading of existing buildings
19 November 2020

Methodologies for assessing the combined effect of upgrading
Closing session

The workshop will be held online using Zoom. Registered participants will receive the details.


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