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EU digital autumn school protection of public spaces

Sep 23 2021
Oct 21 2021

In line with the new Counter-Terrorism Agenda for the EU, the EU Action Plan to Support the Protection of Public Spaces and the staff working document on Good Practices to Support the Protection of Public Spaces the European Commission supports national, regional and urban authorities and operators of public spaces in the exchange of good practices and lessons learnt, the creation of networks and in the cooperation among them across the EU. To this end, the European Commission is organizing the second EU Digital Autumn School which will offer specialized workshops on a broad spectrum of topics related to the protection of public spaces.


  • Disseminate scientifically based knowledge for the better protection of public spaces across the EU
  • Provide detailed information and guidance for a comprehensive approach to protect public spaces – from evaluation of risk to calculation and selection of mitigation solutions 

  • Provide information on freely accessible resources to serve security operators, practitioners and researchers

  • Provide information on funding opportunities and other initiatives at EU level

  • Stimulate sharing of knowledge and experience among security operators, authorities, urban planners, scientists, and policy-makers and create networks

Venue: online


The school will provide five training days. Each day consists of a 2 h morning session as an introductory theoretical part starting 10:00. The second part (14:30) is intended to highlight practical details by presenting case studies, hands-on exercises and in-depth discussions on the subject in consideration.

1st session

2nd session

3th session

4th session

5th session

23 September

30 September

7 October

14 October

21 October

Morning Session



EU framework

Threat picture

Financing instruments (ISF)

Risk assessment

Protection of public spaces, Security by design concept, blast protection principles

Hostile vehicle protection principles

UAS protection principles

Financing instruments (R&I)

Artificial Intelligence

Afternoon Session


14:30 Hands-on: Training on the Vulnerability assessment checklist *)


15:45 Hands-on: Training on the Vulnerability assessment checklist (places of worship) *)


14:30 Vulnerability/Risk assessment training (Projects PRoTECT, Secu4All, ProSPeReS)

Practical training on blast protection *) (JRC)

Security by Design and blast protection principles: e.g. new project on the hardening of existing windows against blast. (University of the Armed Forces Germany)

Practical training on vehicle ramming protection*)


No Workshop planned

Science4protect: presentations of different projects from research and application

*) Session needs application and admission, only for the targeted audience





Public authorities and private operators involved in the protection of public spaces, across different sectors including, but not limited to, urban security, law enforcement, public transport, mass events, hospitality, places of worship, or commerce.