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Arendt, metaphors and the EU: Why words matter!

Nov 16 2017

Metaphors matter - their usage bears consequences.

This conversation among linguists and scholars will discuss the extent to which embracing Arendt' inspired concepts and metaphors opens a path for a subtle but potentially radical and far-reaching shift in EU policy orientations.

"Metaphors the daily bread of all conceptual thought" (Hannah Arendt)

Language and Politics - watch the recorded workshop 

2017-11-16, 09:00 to 13:00


  • Welcome and opening
  • Scene setting the scene
  • Language and Politics
  • Arendt and the EU
  • Bodies, Personhood and the Political

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We are living unstable times politically-wise and the European Union is in the eye of the storm.

To strengthen its ability to make the proper choices, there is a need for an increased critical consciousness of the implicit conceptual frameworks underlying EU policy-making.

All men and women, including policy-makers, think and act according to conceptualisations.

Conceptualisations are revealed in language through metaphorical expressions.

This is why metaphors matter - their usage bears consequences.

This is why metaphors, linguistics and philosophy connect deeply with policy-making.