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The Tenth Summer School on Sensitivity Analysis of Model Output (SAMO 2018)

Jun 11 2018
Jun 15 2018

This Tenth Summer School on Sensitivity Analysis, organised by the Joint Research Centre (JRC), aims to illustrate the motivations to conduct Sensitivity Analysis on simulation models

It offers accessible treatment of the techniques used in Global Sensitivity Analysis.

The programme will start from the first principles and will guide the students through the full range of recommended practices with exercises and application examples.

/jrc/en/file/document/175769Scientific programme samo 2018


Preliminary list:

  • Andrea Saltelli (University Autonoma de Barcelona - University of Bergen)
  • Elmar Plischke (Clausthal University of Technology)
  • Sergei Kucherenko (Imperial College London)
  • Thierry Mara (JRC, University of La RĂ©union)
  • Stefano Tarantola (JRC)
  • William Becker (JRC)
  • Rossana Rosati (JRC)
  • Daniel Albrecht (JRC)
  • Ricardo Bolado (JRC)
  • Biagio Ciuffo (JRC)

Lectures - Practicum - Case studies