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Metrology in Chemistry –Training of experts to become TrainMiC® Authorised Trainers

Sep 30 2014
Oct 02 2014

This event aims to provide an opportunity for experts to become TrainMiC® Authorised Trainers on how to interpret the metrological requirements of the ISO/IEC-17025 for chemical and bio-analytical measurements. By so doing a cascade effect of the training is ensured as newly authorised trainers can join the pool of authorised trainers and provide their own training events to laboratory practitioners in different sectors and in different countries, thus contributing to improved quality of analytical results.


The target audience includes expert practitioners of analytical science involved in lifelong learning and knowledge transfer activities from  national metrology institutes, research organisations, control laboratories, universities (post-grad and staff), other institutes (accreditation bodies, standards institutes…) and industry. Their technical expertise typically ranges from measurements in the area of food, environmental, clinical and nuclear analysis. Part of the intention of the TnT event is to prepare trainers to form new national TrainMiC® teams in the European Neighbourhood, with this year's focus being on Tunisia, Ukraine, and Georgia as well as to strengthen existing national teams.


Newly authorised trainers gain access to a network of about 90 authorised trainers who have signed a licence agreement with the commission. Today, national TrainMiC® teams are operational in 26 countries: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, FYROM, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Turkey. To-date, the TrainMiC® programme has reached more than 8400 practitioners in 35 countries. Training material has been translated into 14 languages. The programme has become a sustainable platform for technical and scientific harmonisation opening the way to collaboration across Europe and beyond.


Further details are available in the workshop's leaflet and programme.

Registration will be possible from 27 August, 2014 via the JRC Events Registration System.

Deadline for registration is 14 September, 2014.