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7th Measurement Science in Chemistry Euromaster summer school

Jul 27 2014
Aug 09 2014

The summer school is provided by a consortium of nine European universities, with JRC as the mentoring organisation, who together deliver a Master’s Degree Programme offering education in measurement science.

An important activity of the Measurement Science in Chemistry (MSC) Euromaster, is the summer school – an intensive course of topics intrinsically related to quality assurance, such as traceability in chemical measurements, validation of measurement procedures in chemistry, evaluation of measurement uncertainty, statistics and statistical basis of calibration, ISO/IEC 17025 standard quality system and laboratory assessment. The teaching methods range from lectures to case studies to project work as a team. For example student "companies" are formed (composed of people from different countries) who are asked to perform an analysis for a customer using an on-site analytical laboratory. In this way, students learn about interaction with a customer, developing their own measurement procedure, validating this measurement procedure, estimating uncertainty, proving proficiency. They also get the opportunity to participate as auditors of an accredited laboratory as well as the chance to enhance many of their soft skills, such as planning, prioritisation, communication, handling conflict, team work and presentation skills. Students get follow up assignments and their learning is also evaluated at the end of the summer school. After successfully completing the assignments and tests, 12 ECTS can be awarded.

This year 41 students from 12 different countries will participate (Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Malawi, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Tunisia).