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13th JRC Annual Training on Composite Indicators and Scoreboards

14th JRC Annual Training on Composite Indicators and Scoreboards
Nov 12 2015
Nov 13 2015

The training will offer the lessons learnt from the JRC assessments on more than 100 well-known composite indicators and scoreboards.


Training Objectives:

  • to present the concepts of composite indicators and scoreboards and discuss similarities/differences, strengths/weaknesses, policy uses;
  • to provide guidelines on shaping the theoretical framework;
  • to offer practical examples on the dataset preparation;
  • to highlight the implications of the conceptual and methodological choices;
  • to underline the importance of  conceptual/statistical coherence;
  • to offer an Excel-based tool for assessing a composite indicator/scoreboard.


The training is open to all (researchers, policy analysts) with an interest in scoreboards, composite indicators and multi-criteria analysis. No registration fees.



Joint Research Centre, Building 36, Amphitheater, via Enrico Fermi 2749, 21027, Ispra (VA), Italy.




PDF icon Training Agenda (pdf)

Download the Agenda, the slides and the Coin Tool:

Training Agenda, the slides and the COIN Tool