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Spent Fuel Workshop 2014

Sep 03 2014
Sep 05 2014
The spent fuel workshop aims to gather the world expertise to present the recent scientific studies on corrosion behaviour of spent nuclear fuel in repository conditions. It coincides with the annual workshop of the FIRST-Nuclides project ( Participants from all countries around the world are welcome to take part. The 27th Spent Fuel Workshop is organized jointly by the Joint Research Centre - Institute for Transuranium Elements (JRC-ITU) and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - Institute for Nuclear Waste Disposal (KIT-INE). The spent fuel workshop will be hosted in Karlsruhe at the Karlsruhe Akademie Hotel ( on the 3rd -5th September 2014, after the FIRST-Nuclides workshop.
We look forward to a workshop in friendly atmosphere to promote exchange and cooperation among scientists and researchers from academia, research institutions, and industry, with common scientific and technical interests.
It is intended to publish a Spent Fuel Workshop summary, documenting the contributions and main outcomes as a KIT-Scientific Report.

Workshops & Schedule


Workshop language

For abstracts and oral presentations the language to be used is English.


  • 1-2 September: FIRST-Nuclides Annual Workshop
  • 2 September: Evening combined dinner for FIRST-Nuclides and SFW '14
  • 3-4 September: Spent Fuel Workshop
  • 5 September: Post-workshop visit to ITU (max. 10 visitors) and INE laboratories (max. 12)


Participants of the workshop should book and pay their accommodation individually. A proposal of hotels in different categories is listed below.

  • Akademie Hotel
  • Hotel Blankenburg
  • Hotel am Markt
  • Hotel Acora
  • Hotelwelt K├╝bler
  • Hotel Erbprinzenhof
  • ACHAT Hotel Karlsruhe
  • BEST WESTERN Queens Hotel Karlsruhe
  • Ibis Hotel Karlsruhe
  • Schlosshotel Karlsruhe


For more information or enquiries please use the contacts below.
  • Paul CARBOL (JRC-ITU, tel: +49 7247 951 178, paul.carbol(at)
  • Volker METZ (KIT-INE, tel: +49 721 6082 8078, volker.metz(at)