EU Science Hub


Oral presentations

Please consult the final agenda to find the Session in which your paper will be presented and contact the Session Chairpersons. You will be scheduled for a 15 minutes presentation with 3 - 4 minutes for discussion. The Chairperson of your session will insist that you adhere to the published schedule.

The auditorium will be equipped with a computer based beamer system for power point presentations. Presenters should avoid the use of detailed tables, or figures with faint or coloured lines, which will not be legible to the audience.

Other questions regarding your presentation should be addressed to the Session Chairpersons or to the Scientific Secretariat.

Please see also the  second announcement for further details.

Poster presentations

The set-up of posters is scheduled for Monday morning, 17 June 2013. Each poster is identified by the abstract number assigned to the paper when the abstract was submitted. Please place your poster on the stand labelled with the respective number.

The space available for each poster will accommodate up to A0 size, i.e. board size 0.95 m (width) x 1.20 m (height). Material to fix your poster will be provided by the local organiser.

Each poster will be introduced orally to the audience by the respective Session Chairperson who will prepare one slide for each poster. A template for this slide is found here. You should communicate to your Session Chairperson a few key statements explaining the message of your poster and provide your photograph, preferably in .jpg format.

You may also offer a draft of the complete slide.

Please see the  second announcement for further details.