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In addition to its physical space, the EU institutions will have a dialogue on specific issues linked to the Expo theme through the organisation of various conferences and events which will take place during 6 months in the EU Pavilion and in the Joint research Centre site in Ispra.

The Steering Committee of the EU scientific programme for Expo 2015

It is a joint initiative of the European Commission and the European Parliament launched on 21st March 2014. Its chairman is Franz Fischler, former Commissioner for Agriculture and Fisheries.

The Committee consists of 11 members of high international repute:

Jo Swinnen (BE), Joachim von Braun (DE), Hannelore Daniel (DE), Maria Helena Saarela (FI), BĂ©atrice Darcy-Vrillon (FR), Peter Heffernan (IR), Claudia Sorlini (IT), Esther Kok (NL), Ewa Jakubczyk (PL), Katharina Hedlund (SE) and Tim Benton (UK)

The Role of the Steering Committee is to:

  • provide scientific and knowledge-based analysis & advice related to the Expo theme
  • promote the policy debate and contribute to the legacy of Expo 2015
  • give recommendations on the definition and implementation of the EU scientific programme for Expo 2015

These objectives translate in the following concrete deliverables:

  • a recommendation document to decision makers with main priorities for research, development & innovation in the areas where Europe can make a contribution
  • guidance on the draft programme of EU events for Expo 2015
  • organisation of complementary activities during Expo 2015

A major Milestone will be the conference at the end of the Italian Presidency of the EU Council on 10 December 2014 where the Steering Committee will:

  • Present the recommendation document
  • Open the debate on Europe's future research for global food security with the 147 participating countries.


The recommendation document should serve as a basis for discussion with stakeholders and the general public during Expo 2015 through workshops, conferences and an online consultation and finally result in an EU contribution to the legacy of Expo 2015.