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The EU Exhibition Space

zoom on the EXPO 2015 masterplan
EXPO 2015 masterplan
© Expo 2015 S.p.A., 2013

The location

The Italian organisers have offered a prime space for the EU exhibition at the centre of the Expo site (the Cardo area) in front of Palazzo Italia (our host, the Italian pavilion) and by the Lake Arena where major institutional, cultural and recreational events will be held.

Drawing: external view of the EU pavilion
View of the EU pavilion
© EU, 2014

The EU exhibition

The EU exhibition, dedicated to the visitor experience, will be located on the ground floor of a 3-story building. The first floor will be reserved for meeting and conference rooms and the second floor will be an open-air terrace. The exhibition on the ground floor of the EU space will lead the visitor through an engaging story line covering the EU food supply chain and concentrating on the example of wheat and bread, founding elements of European civilization. As they are immersed in a “field to fork” story, guests learn about EU history, current food policies and the promising technologies of tomorrow. They experience first-hand how as a global partner, the EU is leading the way to a better and sustainable future for all.


Drawing: Alex and Sylvia baking together ©EU, 2014

The story

The EU will be communicating with the visitors through two (fictional) characters: Alex and Sylvia. Alex is a farmer while Sylvia is a research scientist. The aim is to fully engage the public, especially young visitors, while explaining that global food security will be achieved through good cooperation; between science and agriculture and between geographical regions worldwide. The story will also highlight how the implementation of EU initiatives has led to a better- functioning food supply chain.

Drawing: People watching the animated movie in the simulator
Rendering of simulator and animated film
© EU, 2014

Guests will leave the EU Exposition with a more positive understanding of EU food related policies. They will realise there is strength in unity, and that the joining of countries leads to greater global impact. They will be inspired to join the movement to shape a fairer and sustainable future for our planet.