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The conference will take place at Archivio Centrale dello Stato, Piazzale degli Archivi 27, 00144 Rome.

How to reach the venue

By train

Travel to “Rome Termini” (Rome central station), and then take the metro Line B. The metro is on the left of the main exit of Rome Termini, one floor down. Take the metro, “Linea B” (the blue one) in direction “Laurentina”. One ticket costs 1.5 Euros and it is valid for one trip (max 100 minutes). You can buy them at the vending machines opposite the metro gates; you will need Euro coins or Euro bills. Get off at the “EUR Fermi” metro station (10th stop). There is a 9 min walk from “EUR Fermi” to Archivio Centrale dello Stato.

For more detailed instructions on how to get to the metro and venue, please download our detailed guide.

From Fiumicino Airport

Take the train to Stazione Termini and follow the same directions as above. The train from Fiumicino to Stazione Termini is called “Leonardo Express”.  A one-way ticket costs 14 Euros if you buy the ticket at regular train desks or at the vending machines, which take Euros and credit/debit cards. If you buy the ticket from the special kiosks with “Leonardo Express” signs, the same ticket costs 1 euro more (15 euros).

More information

For further information about public transport in Rome, please visit the Atac website and click on “Calculate route” for directions.

For further information about the Italian train service, please visit the Trenitalia website.


For more information on accomodation, please download the guide.