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Resonances summer school "big data"

Jun 25 2018
Jun 29 2018

SciArt is a project joining art and science to support EU policy making.

The flagship initiative of the SciArt project is the "Resonances" festival. The 2019 Resonances III theme is "big data".

With SciArt, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) brings together artists, scientists and policymakers.

At the Resonances festivals artists and scientist collaborate to exhibit artistic installations.

Summer school

The JRC will organise a Resonances summer school for artists and JRC scientists in Ispra, Italy, on 25 - 29 June 2018.

This summer school lays the foundation for the 2019 Resonances III 'big data' festival.

We want for our society to increase participation, raise awareness – and resonate.


Open call for artists

The call is now closed.


Selection Criteria

The Resonances Festival curatorial team and well-known art professionals are members of the selection committee.

They will choose among the proposals those that:

  1. Express the greatest openness and capacity to incorporate contrasting ideas into the realizations;
  2. Show novelty of ideas and unexpected viewpoints as a result of interactions between art and science;
  3. Demonstrate their capacity to transfer scientific knowledge and insights into artistic work;
  4. Incorporate the proposed theme ‘big data’ closely and in a surprising manner, in respect of the curatorial statement;
  5. Or are able to incorporate societal relevance of big data into artistic works, engaging with the widest public possible, including children;
  6. Are considered concrete and feasible with a cost that is compatible with the available budget.

We are able to invite 30 successful candidates to take part in the summer school workshop.

Organisation & programme

The Resonances summer school is loosely divided into

  • A theoretical part on 25, 26 June, gathering experts in the field of big data and SciArt.
  • A workshop putting together artists, scientists and policy makers on 27 - 29 June.

The workshop gives the occasion for artists and scientists to exchange ideas.

Depending on the outcome of the workshop, artists will be invited, to create artwork inspired by JRC science for the Resonances festival in 2019.


The JRC has a strong interest in working with the arts as part of its multi-disciplinary support to EU policy making.

With SciArt, the JRC intends to activate rapprochement between the arts and the sciences of the last decades in its daily practice.

Through the production and exhibition of linked works by artists and scientists at the Resonances festival, the JRC aims at fostering awareness and stimulating new thinking/sensing at the border between science, art and society.

Resonances festival 2019: big data concept

We cannot understand the world only by crunching numbers. We need to interpret it, and explore its new horizons.

The upcoming 2019 edition "Resonances III" is focusing on big data and the challenges of generating, storing, sharing, selling, analysing, using, misusing, hacking, etc., large data sets of all kinds.

The festival aims to tackle big data from the angle of identity.

  • What does big data to our sense of self and consciousness?
  • How does big data change our relationship with humans and technology, with society and nature?
  • Will big data extend and enrich us, or will the data tsunami sweep us away?


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