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Presentation of the “JRC-EASAC report on the management of Spent Nuclear Fuel and its Waste”

Mar 15 2017

To support the implementation of the Council Directive 2011/70/Euratom on the responsible and safe management of spent fuel and radioactive waste, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) and the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC) have published a joint report on the “Management of Spent Nuclear Fuel and its Waste” in 2014.

The report aims to help policy makers further develop their national programmes for the future management of spent nuclear fuel and the waste generated by fuel treat-ment. In a concise but comprehensive way, it describes the options for spent fuel management.

The event is aimed to trigger dialogue with policy makers, supporting the national decision on policy options regarding nuclear spent fuel and radioactive waste management in line with the Council Directive 2011/70/Euratom.


Download the programme of the event "Management of Spent Nuclear Fuel and its Waste"