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EUSO Stakeholders Forum

Oct 19 2021
Oct 21 2021

A key element of the European Commission’s EU Soil Observatory (EUSO) is an open, inclusive and dynamic engagement with its diverse stakeholder base. These include:

  • Relevant Commission services and European agencies
  • International Organisations
  • Member State representatives (ranging from policymakers to the research community)
  • Farming associations
  • Industry representatives
  • NGOs
  • Interested citizens

To facilitate this interaction, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) organized the first ever EUSO Stakeholders Forum. This three-day event (built on six, focused, half-day sessions) reflected on the challenges facing soil within the various strategies of the Green Deal (e.g. the Soil, Biodiversity and Farm2Fork strategies, Zero Pollution Action Plan) and Horizon Europe’s proposed Mission "A Soil Deal for Europe".

In addition to a high-level panel on recent soil-related policy developments, the meeting established a series of dedicated Working Groups to address burning scientific and policy questions (e.g. soil monitoring, citizen engagement and increased soil literacy, soil pollution, erosion and biodiversity). Participants will be encouraged to engage in discussions and possibly to contribute to the Working Groups.

A dedicated Young Soil Researchers Forum took place on 21 October.

The FINAL PDF icon agenda is available (updated 18/10/2021)

The various sessions in the programme have been streamed. You can visit them on

  • Day 1: covering sessions on "Recent EU policy developments in soil" (morning) and "Core EUSO Objective: Integrated soil monitoring" (afternoon)
  • Day 2a: covering sessions on "Soil pollution" (morning) - "Soil biodiversity" (afternoon)
  • Day 2b: covering sessions on "Data integration" (morning) - "Soil erosion" (afternoon)
  • Day 3: covering sessions "Young Soil Researchers Forum", "Citizen engagement" and "Conclusions"(all day)

All presentations during the Forum will be found here.

Some additional pre-Forum information about the sessions: