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JRC Annual Lecture: Transitions in global land and water resilience

Sep 29 2015
Sep 29 2015

The first JRC annual lecture will be opened by European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, Tibor Navracsics, and delivered by Alan Belward, head of the JRC's land resource management unit, with Claudia Olazabal, head of DG Environment's agriculture, forests and soil unit as discussant.

The growing and shifting population is testing the resilience of our planet’s land and water resources as never before. Policies to improve resilience, minimise threats and balance use with regenerative capacity are most effective when based on reliable evidence. But gathering evidence on global scales is a challenging undertaking. Satellites provide a unique vantage point.

The lecture will introduce the Copernicus programme, illustrate the knowledge base the programme is creating and use examples to show just how dramatically seven-plus billion people are changing the face of the Earth.