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JRC high-level meeting: ''Building a Transatlantic Scientific Bridge on Eco-Industries''

Sep 26 2013

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission, is organising with the cooperation of the US Mission to the EU a high-level meeting on the theme ''Building a Transatlantic Scientific Bridge on Eco-Industries'' to be held on 26 September 2013

To respond to current multiple challenges at global and national level, in particular reconciling competitiveness and sustainability, countries need to use resources in an efficient and sustainable way thus creating new businesses and contributing to growth and jobs.

The High – Level Meeting will focus on the contribution of the EU-US scientific cooperation in support of the eco-industry sector on both sides of the Atlantic. It follows on from the JRC conference "Scientific support for growth, jobs and sustainability: the example of eco-industries " that took place in May 2012.

With their potential for innovation and technological development, the eco-industries, including sectors such as air pollution management and control, waste collection and treatment, renewable energy and recycling, can create economic growth and jobs, while reducing environmental risks.

The negotiations towards the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership will aim at removing trade barriers in a wide range of economic sectors, thus making it easier to buy and sell goods and services between the EU and the US and for companies to invest in each other's economy. Together, the EU and the US account for nearly half of world GDP and 30% of world trade. Each day, goods and services worth €2 billion are traded bilaterally. In addition, the US and EU have directly invested more than €2.8 trillion on both sides of the Atlantic.

An important role to overcome market barriers and to support innovation is played by standards. The European Commission's Joint Research Centre and the US National Institute for Standards and Technologies (NIST) concluded in July 2013 an Implementing Arrangement regarding scientific and other cooperative activities related to standards and measurements in fields of common interests. Cooperation fields include, among others, reference materials, emerging ICT, energy, transport, environment and climate and food safety.

The High-Level Meeting will address, at its first session, various aspects of smart and energy efficient environment, such as efficiency in buildings, e-vehicles and advanced technologies, as well as smart grids. The second session will review the innovative sustainable manufacturing sector, including areas such as Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), energy storage and critical raw materials. The third session will examine scientific support to bio-economy, water resources and waste management. The fourth session will be looking at the way forward for transatlantic cooperation on eco-industries, in particular the scientific support to standards.


Download the Agenda in PDF (Latest version: 26/09/2013)


If you like to participate in this high-level meeting, please confirm your participation by replying to,%2026/09/2013

Registrations will be accepted on a "first-come first-served" basis.



Session 1: Creating a smart and energy efficient environment

Tackling the energy and sustainable transport challenge: e vehicles, advanced technologies and smart grids

Efficient buildings

  • Dale Eppler, Counselor for Energy, Environment, Science and Technology, U.S. Mission to the European Union
    Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
  • Heinz Ossenbrink, Head of Unit Renewable Energy, Institute for Energy and Transport, Joint Research Centre, European Commission
    Efficient Buildings


Session 2: Towards innovative sustainable manufacturing

Key Enabling Technologies (KETs)

Energy storage

Critical raw materials


Session 3: Scientific support to water resources management, bio-economy and waste management


Session 4: The way forward for the transatlantic cooperation on eco-industries: scientific support to standards


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