EU Science Hub

Datami exhibition at Bozar

Resonance III 2019 - festival and exhibition
Dec 11 2019
Jan 19 2020

Who owns our data? Is there freedom in our new digital lives? Do we need to fear the coming transformation?

Datami is an invitation to think along with the artists, scientists and citizens and explore this new unknown of Big Data and AI.

Let's own this transformation, and build this new future together.

For more details on the exhibition visit the Datami website.


The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and Bozar proudly present Datami.

Datami is an exhibition of 15 artworks created by selected artists in close collaboration with scientists and policymakers.

The datami is a 'data tatami': a place of concentration, of rest and repose against the digital onslaught, a unit of measurement of digital freedom.

It helps you reflect on the coming digital transformation triggered by Big Data and AI, and to define a new digital self with all the freedoms of democracy.